Digital Temperature Controllers TTM000 Series

TTM 000 Series are the most superior controller series with advances multiple functions. They are low price, easy to operate with selectable input.

Digital Controllers
TTM-200 Series

TTM 200 Series Digital Controllers features improvement of controllability with new PID algorithm with choice of 3 types of PID controls ....

Program Controller

TTM 339 program Controller is a compact size program controller with high functionality and high performance with multiple input function..

Digital Controller

TTM 509 has the feasibility to control 2 inputs max. per unit. They are versatile with high accuracy and high speed sampling cycle.

Digital Temperature Controller TTM-i4N

TTM i4N with ultra fuzzy control and large display for clear view and PC interface which makes complicated setting easy from simple KB ops.

Digital Temperature Programmable Controller TTM-p4/p9

TTM p4/p9 series is programmable up to Patterns x Steps=64 and is Standard Equipment of Time Signal/Alarm Output, RUN Signal Output and DI.