CONSUMABLES FOR BUEHLER: Sample Preparation Equipment


Abrasive Cut-Off Wheels and Wafering Blades

  • Wide selection of wheels and blades optimized for metallographic specimen preparation
  • Wafering Blades for precision sectioning
  • Specially formulated for most every material, including; tool steels, soft steels, non-ferrous, ceramics super alloys, composites and many more

Cutting Fluids & Sectioning Accessories

  • IsoCut® Fluid is an oil-based coolant which can reduce cutting times significantly on many types of materials. It is only for use with IsoMet LS Saws or saws with the maximum speed of 500 rpm. IsoCut® Fluid is used in an undiluted form.
  • IsoCut® PLUS Fluid is water-based and can be used to lubricate and cool both conventional and advanced engineering materials. The cutting fluid mixing ratio for IsoCut® PLUS is 9 (water) to 1 (coolant). All coolants should be mixed with distilled water to optimize performance.
  • CoolMet® 2 Cutting Fluid is an odorle ss, water miscible fluid concentrate with excellent lubrication and corrosion inhibiting qualities designed for a wide range of abrasive cutting. The cutting fluid mixing ratio for CoolMet® 2 is 30 (water) to 1 (coolant). All coolants should be mixed with distilled water to optimize performance.

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Compression Mounting Compounds

  • Thermosetting, Thermoplastic, and Conductive Mounting Materials for Compression Mounting
  • Fast, and Easy-To-Use Economical Compression Mounting Compounds
  • Full Range of Products for Any Materials Application
  • Consistent Results Every Time
  • Compatible With All Mounting Presses and Molds
  • Bulk Packaging Options for Volume Applications

Castable Mounting Compounds

  • Versatile Epoxy and Fast Curing Acrylic Mounting Systems
  • Economical Systems for Heat and Pressure Sensitive Samples
  • Easy to Mix and Safe to Use
  • Widest Selection of Related Mounting Accessories and Molds
  • Convenient Packaging for Low and High Volume Users
  • Dispense Epoxies to Correct Ratio With the EpoEase™ Epoxy Dispensing System


Abrasive Papers, Grinding Discs & Lapping Films

  • A full line of Abrasive Papers & Grinding Discs designed specifically for metallographic specimen preparation
  • Papers & Grinding Discs formulated for rapid material removal and uniform finishes from rough grinding to final grinding
  • Wide variety of grinding discs for bulk material removal
  • Available with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) or Plain Backing
  • Lapping films that leave superior finishes
  • Continuous and Interrupted Configuration Lapping Films
  • New Diamond Grinding Discs available

Polishing fabrics

  • Cloth for all types of applications
  • Economical solutions to virtually any specimen
  • Quality fabric for high removal rates, long life, and superior surface finishes
  • Samples, Descriptions, Applications & Ordering Information...Cloth Selection Made Easy!

Magnetic Backed Fabrics

Polishing Cloth Guide

Sum-Met™ Bundles

  • Follows Sum-Met™ preparation guide
  • 1 Part number for ordering efficiency
  • Preprogrammed methods in EcoMet® Pro Grinder/Polisher
  • Magnetic backed for easy application and removal

Final Polishing Suspensions

  • Application specific suspensions for superior performance
  • PConsistent polishing results
  • High surface removal rates
  • Low deformation
  • Full range of products for virtually any material
  • Convenient applicator packaging