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HORIZON : A full Service Supply Chain Support Organization...

that provides a reliable procurement services for diverse high technology components, equipments and consumables as representatives of leading Global corporations with best in business technology.

Fluke-Visual Thermometers

Traditional IR thermometers are low cost but designed for only one purpose-detecting single-spot temperature readings. If you don't know exactly where to look, you can miss a serious problem or waste valuable time searching. Visual IR thermometers combine the convenience of a point and shoot IR thermometer with the visual insight of an infrared camera. You can scan an entire electrical panel in seconds.

BUEHLER Grinder-Polishers

The EcoMet® 250/300 family of Grinder-Polishers and AutoMet® 250/300 family of Power Heads has been designed to meet the needs of the materials analyst requiring the versatility of manual or automated sample preparation.
The Pro controls upgrades to a colour touch-screen control panel for Zaxis material removal by depth controls, method creation/storage and PriMet programmability.

Occuppational Safety/Health

Horizon stores complete range of Dräger products from breathing and protection equipment, gas detection to analysis systems.
These systems detect the presence of harmful / toxic gaseous content in the industrial atmosphere and optimize the occupational safety/health of the work force.

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