" To source, stock, supply and support high quality - high technology components, equipment, material and tools for accurate measurement, reliable testing and control needed by the engineering industry and related R&D laboratories as per customer specifications, through optimization of supply chain parameters and value. "


Our vision is to constantly evolve with dynamics of change and:


  • Build strong business relationships
  • Seek new products and superior technologies
  • Seamlessly supply and support our clients at all time

More about us


We are a full-service supply chain support organization providing reliable procurement services for diverse high technology components, equipments and consumables from world leaders, since we were founded in 2002. Over the years, we have evolved into a rich and vibrant organization. We have excelled in meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations, every time.


We are a thoroughly professional, mature and dependable organization, with a great track record... We take the time to understand our clients' needs, their processes, and their organization's culture to find the right fit - every time. Our knowledge and experience in completing assignments, enables us to source, identify and supply the "best fit" components and products significantly saving time and costs. We credit our success entirely to our clients, who firmly believe, that the quality of their vendor resources, is a vital differentiator to their success.


Why Us? Because we pay great attention to the quality & reliability of what we procure and supply. You may require a very niche raw material, component or full-fledged equipment or consumables. We provide the best-fit product, once we are sure of your exact need and thus strengthen buyer-vendor confidence.


Our ability lies in delivering the right resources, just in time, with a quick turnaround to Clients' need. Our vendor-buyer relationship with Clients extends to anticipating and preparing in advance for possible unforeseen delays in supplying what has been ordered, and the dependencies it may have, to your entire project or process. We make sure that you are kept abreast of such eventualities, real time and thus helping you prepare for such contingencies therefore minimizing its impact as a result. This may scale up into multi-site servicing; pan India, depending upon your business needs.


We do not overwhelm you with too much conditionality. Our goal is to save your valuable time, using our comprehensive processes; we make sure that we deliver you just enough and at your doorstep inclusive of all variables such as Primary and Secondary Freight, Packing, Insurance, Delivery, Training, Installation and Commissioning.

Our ascribed Values proposition


  • Total commitment in complying with customer needs and contracts
  • Commitment to contracts and agreements with principals and associates
  • Intellectual Honesty with regard delivering capabilities.
  • Delivering on Promises to staff and teams
  • Bonding with success of clients and associates


We have an in-house knowledge bank in the form of a large continuously validated database which enable us to fulfill our valued customer requirements for different functional areas in their diverse projects in a cost effective, budget and time bound manner using our time tested methodologies.

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