Horizon supplies and support facility maintenance equipment from Sealed Air

TASKI® dorsalino®


Highly efficient backpack vacuum cleaner

TASKI® ergodisc® 1200


High-speed 20 inch (50 cm) disc machine burnishes hard floors quickly and efficiently, resulting in an even, high-gloss finish.

TASKI® jet 38&50


Professional upright 15 inch (38 cm) and 20 inch (50 cm) vacuum cleaners are engineered with dual motor systems, providing high suction power and efficient cleaning.

TASKI® procarpet 45


45cm (18in) Carpet Cleaning System.

TASKI® swift 35


Intermediate carpet cleaning 14 inch (35 cm) machine uses dry foam to delivery excellent cleaning results.

TASKI® swingo® 150 E


Ultra-compact 13 inch (33 cm) upright auto scrubber features a lightweight, compact design perfect for easy, quick cleanup in confined areas.

TASKI® swingo® 1650B & 1850B


Large walk-behind 26 inch (65 cm) and 33 inch (85 cm) auto scrubbers provide long run times and brushes that perfectly follow the floor profile for outstanding soil removal.

TASKI® swingo® 2100micro


The new TASKI swingo 2100micro represents an evolution in micro ride on scrubber driers.

TASKI® swingo® 2500


Large ride-on, 28 inch (70 cm)auto scrubber features easy handling even in narrow and congested areas, and an innovative squeegee system that quickly dries floors.

TASKI® swingo® 350B


Ultra-compact 15 inch (38 cm) auto scrubber is designed with a low machine profile and a handle that folds backwards for easy access under tables or racks.

TASKI® swingo® 4000/5000


The TASKI swingo 4000 is the next generation of large ride-on auto-scrubber driers.


The 5000 model is a large, battery powered, 41in ride on auto scrubber. The patented IntelliFlow system allows for unmatched productivity.

TASKI® swingo® 455B & E


The TASKI swingo 455 can be used in a wide variety of application areas.

TASKI® swingo® 855B


Battery-powered 20 inch (51 cm) auto scrubber drier offers maximum agility in confined areas with a dual-axle system that allows the machine to literally turn on the spot.

TASKI® swingo® XP-R


The new generation of TASKI swingo XP machines delivers the comfort of stand-on cleaning with unmatched visibility around the machine.

TASKI® vacumatTM/MC


Large cord electric-powered wet/dry vacuum cleaners feature a fixomat squeegee for efficient water pickup and streak-free drying results.

TASKI® vento™ 8s/15s


Mains powered tub vacuum cleaner designed to offer you an efficient, simple and ergonomic way of vacuuming while it provides enhanced air quality.